Alabama, once an Olde English word meaning good album(*), is now a Newe English word meaning iPhone app for album lovers.

To people who like listening to whole albums, the idea of shuffling an album or an entire library is just crazy.  And when you have lots of albums, scrolling through an alphabetical list of them is no fun — it's hard to find something you want to listen to, and there's no serendipity in it.

Alabama solves this problem by giving you a "Pick" button which picks an album at random from your music library.  It shows you the album art with the name of the artist & album, and you can then tap Play, or tap Pick again until you find something you feel like listening to.

Sounds simple, no?  Too good to be true, even?  Once you've used it a couple times, you'll never go back to scrolling through boring alphabetical lists.

Download the free lite version and give it a try.  If you love it, get the full version for just 99 cents.


screenshot screenshot

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the difference between the lite and full versions?
The lite version does not display album art, and when you quit the app, the music stops.  The full version displays album art, and keeps playing music in the background even after you quit the app.


For support, just contact us.

* Probably not.